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It Won’t Flush: Three Common Symptoms With Broken Toilets

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

Often taken for granted, you’ll quickly realize it’s no fun when you have a broken toilet. Like most plumbing problems, a toilet that needs to be fixed, needs to be fixed fast! Leave it alone for a few days and you’ll start to understand what life may have been like a few centuries ago. The good news however is that RTL Plumbing have a handy bunch of technicians in Brisbane that can diagnose any broken toilet woes and get it sorted.

Before calling in a plumber, it’s best to identify the type of problem your toilet is having. Toilet problems can generally be put into a few different groups which we’ll outline below:

#1 Broken Toilet Running Water

First up is the most irritating of problems – a running toilet is loud, constant and can cost lots if not repaired in the long run. Running toilets still work, but it is constantly wasting water and is noisy. Normally associated with a faulty ballcock, float cup or a fill valve seal. If left unattended, you could see your water bill skyrocket due to the amount of water wastage, contact the team at RTL Plumbing if you think your broken toilet is suffering from a bad case of running water.

#2 Broken Toilet Not Flushing

We’ll save the jokes for later… but a toilet that isn’t flushing is no joke at all. One of the more broken toilet problems, it’s typically due to an abnormally large object getting stuck within the toilet. By looking at the design of most toilets, it’s hard not hard to see why toilets would block. Although a plunger could help with unblocking toilets, most of the time an auger and a professional plumber will be required.

#3 Broken Toilet slow to fill

Finally, the opposite of a fast running toilet is one that takes forever to fill. Slow filling toilets are a minor nuisance but can be bothersome if left unfixed. Generally caused by a fill valve getting clogged, it pays to get one of the guys from RTL Plumbing to check it out as there could be potential issues down the line as well.

Smelly, unsightly and often annoying, a broken toilet can be troublesome for everybody in your home. If you suspect your toilet may be showing any issues or signs of blockages, give the team at RTL Plumbing a call and one of our Brisbane based plumbers will be available to get you out of a mess.

It’s an Emergency!

Not all toilet problems were created equal and the worst ones always happen to occur after-hours. If you have an emergency plumbing issue that needs to be attended to, contact us immediately!

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