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RTL Plumbing Brisbane Plumbers Storm Ready

Prepare for storm season with RTL Plumbing!

The storm season is upon us in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It’s important to be prepared before the first severe weather event hits. A damaged roof can can sometimes be hard to pinpoint, which is when you call the experts in. Even the smallest crack or structural weakness can become a much larger problem […]

RTL Plumbing Brisbane Plumbers Fixing Sink

Top 5 Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Here in Brisbane we’ve seen our share of plumbing disasters! Here are our top 5 mistakes to avoid, which will save you time and money from it becoming a serious problem.   1. Flushing rubbish down the toilet. Quite often home owners treat their toilets like rubbish bins. Flushing items such as cotton balls, paper [...]

Dealing with a Burst Water Pipe in Brisbane

There’s nothing worse than walking downstairs to boil the kettle on a cold morning, only to step into a huge pool of water as soon as you reach the kitchen. You know immediately that you’ve got a cracked or burst pipe. What do you do when you have a burst water pipe?  Time is not [...]
Dripping tap in a bathroom

The Problem with Leaking Taps

The Problem with Leaking Taps Lost sleep is the least of your worries If you’ve ever been blighted by a leaking tap, you’ll understand the annoying sound of dripping and the lost sleep it can cause. But that is the least of your worries. That annoying drip could be costing you a whole pile of […]

Clean Drains - RTL Plumbing

How to Clean Drains Effectively

Clean drains are good drains and a part of any good plumbing system. If you find you’ve got a blocked drain, then you may want to try to unblock it yourself. You will probably be tempted to visit your local hardware store or supermarket to buy a ready-chemical to pour down the offending drain. Often, […]