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Tree Roots cause Plumbing troubles

Small Roots, Big Plumbing Issues

Whether you are starting a new garden or expanding an existing one, you should consider your underground pipes and outdoor plumbing to avoid plumbing issues in the future. While all plants have root systems which could cause plumbing issues – like leaks, breakages or blockages – some are more worrisome than others and careful thought and planning could save you unnecessary hassles down the track. RTL has a pipe finding service to help with your garden planning, or if you suspect existing damage we have a pipe inspection service to find damaged pipes and cleaning services to clear blocked pipes.

Kitchen sink plughole

Blocked Drains and Pipes: Common Causes

Every homeowner has trouble with their drains or pipes at one time or another. As with all plumbing problems, prevention is better than a cure! Blocked drains and pipes often cause a real issue in your house. So it’s worth looking at some common causes and identifying how you can prevent them from becoming very real […]

RTL Plumbing Brisbane Plumbers using a Camera Drain

Do you need a Drain Camera Service?

Prevent a reoccurring blocked sewer or stormwater line with a drain camera inspection. One of the services RTL Plumbing provides is a Drain Camera inspection. A drain camera is a special closed circuit television (CCTV) camera, that can be put down your sewer or stormwater line. They are great tools to locate the cause of […]