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RTL News - Stormwater

Stormwater and Sewer Inspections

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2018)

Are you about to have your stormwater or sewer inspected? Do you know what you should expect/ask for of your plumber?

Our plumbers at RTL have noticed that small and big plumbing companies alike often do not supply the footage of the sewer or stormwater camera inspections. This makes it extremely difficult to know what has occurred or what the problem is. So, not only are you left unsure if anything has been fixed, but if another plumber is called in at a later date, they cannot refer to what the previous damage is.

Below is an example of major blockages from tree roots and then the pipe after it was cleaned:

RTL Inspects Sewer
Tree Root Blockage
RTL Inspects Drain
After the roots are removed


So.. what should you expect?

  • Written Report
  • Explanation and specific details of the problem
  • Photos
  • Video Proof/footage
  • Recommendation on repair/maintenance


We at RTL also provide every one of our customers a USB with the footage of the camera in the problem area from the inspections. This is an easy way for you to have peace of mind that there really is or isn’t an issue.


We have included a recent report for one of customers. This explains where the camera entered, where the problem is and what the recommended solution is. If you are not provided with this much detail from your plumber, there is a chance it may be illegitimate or you may need the information in the future.

RTL Drain inspections

We at RTL Plumbing believe that if you pay for the inspection, then the footage is yours. We also keep it on file, just in case!


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