Simple Plumbing Modifications for Attracting Senior Tenants

In Australia’s private rental market, the number of renters aged above the age of 60 has seen a dramatic increase from 235,000 in 2006 to 336,000 in 2011 and has continued to rise. As more boomers and seniors search the rental market, often their search can be limited by accessibility and the lack of necessary plumbing modifications offered in the typical rental property.

Mature renters possess many desirable characteristics that establish this group as ideal tenants. This group is commonly more established financially, tend to be quieter than younger renters and are more likely to take pride in maintaining a clean home and tidy garden.

Small Roots, Big Plumbing Issues

Whether you are starting a new garden or expanding an existing one, you should consider your underground pipes and outdoor plumbing to avoid plumbing issues in the future. While all plants have root systems which could cause plumbing issues – like leaks, breakages or blockages – some are more worrisome than others and careful thought and planning could save you unnecessary hassles down the track. RTL has a pipe finding service to help with your garden planning, or if you suspect existing damage we have a pipe inspection service to find damaged pipes and cleaning services to clear blocked pipes.

How To Check If Your Gas Bottle Is Full

RTL Plumbing has the tips to help you check how much gas is in your gas bottle and ensure you never run out again.

Running out of gas is incredibly irritating. Whether it’s the gas in your BBQ bottle or your home gas bottle there’s nothing more frustrating and it’s always when you’re just about to have a BBQ or need a hot shower. Here at RTL Plumbing we understand how annoying this can be. That’s why we’ve got one of our best guys, Nige, who using his 17 years of plumbing experience, has put together some simple tips to ensure you don’t run out of gas again.

Plumbing Leaks Attract Household Pests

With the recent heavy rain, are you noticing an increase in insects in and around your house, and wondering where they’ve come from? A plumbing issue could be the culprit – all sorts of insects are attracted to leaking water, poorly maintained drains, roofs and gutters. It is important that you prioritise plumbing maintenance and regular plumbing check-ups to stop the creepy-crawlies taking up residence in your house.

Water Drop water efficiancy

Making Your Property More Water Efficient

Making a property water efficient should be a priority for all property owners. In particular, properties that are managed by body corporates or property managers should be water efficient, as it is a good selling point for both future buyers and tenants. Here at RTL Plumbing we’ve put together some simple methods that can make a property more water efficient for many years to come.