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Avoiding water damage in the laundry

Preventing Water Damage in the Laundry Room

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2018)

The laundry is perhaps the most susceptible room in your house to unseen water damage. Damage from the washing machine, dryer and laundry sink often happens without anyone noticing and can be very expensive to fix. Here at RTL Plumbing we’ve put together some simple tips to prevent water damage in your laundry.

laundry plumbingWashing machine:

It is important you check your washing machine water supply lines regularly. If you see any blisters, cracks, or bubbles replace the supply line immediately as these are indications of damage. If the connection is loose see if it simply needs tightening or if you need to totally replace it. This is important because damaged water supply lines are the biggest cause of water damage in the laundry! So be vigilant with regularly checking your supply lines.

  • When you replace your washing machine water supply hoses make sure you replace the washers as well.
  • You need to ensure there is a decent gap between your washing machine and the wall. This will stop kinks forming in the supply lines. It is important to pre which will eventually cause damage to your supply lines.
  • When installing your washing machine in your laundry make sure it is sitting flat on a level surface. This stops it moving around too much and prevents damage to your supply pipes and your flooring.
  • If your washing machine drains into your laundry sink ensure that your laundry sink and its pipes are in good working condition. This will stop any blockages from forming and prevent any water damage.
  • If your washing machine has a built-in drain filter, you will need to clean it regularly to stop dirt and debris building up and clogging your drain. Which will cause water to build up on your laundry floor.
  • When you go away on holiday for an extended period of time, turn off the water supply to your washing machine. This will prevent any unexpected accidents or leaking from happening. Thus giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy your holiday.

Dryer:Plumbing Brisbane

  • Regularly check the ventilation hose for your dryer. This is what stops unwanted moisture from forming inside your dryer, which can lead to mould and mildew. It needs to be regularly checked and cleaned of lint and debris, which will cause blockages and affect the hoses ability to properly ventilate.
  • You ned to regularly check that this hose is connected to the outdoors and that this path remains unobstructed so it can work efficiently.

laundry sink

Laundry sink:

  • The laundry sink is something that gets checked for leaks fairly regularly. So if you have a slow draining sink this is often indicative of partially blocked pipes which will lead to leaks.
  • If your laundry sink has loose or cracked sink or drain seals, you should replace these immediately. This can lead to water and moisture forming around your pipes which will encourage mould and mildew to grow.



You can prevent water damage to your laundry by following these simple steps! Here at RTL Plumbing we can help you to diagnose and fix any plumbing problems you may have, in your laundry or anywhere else in your home. If you need any help with plumbing maintenance or checkups, call RTL Plumbing on 1300 000 RTL (785) or fill out our contact form.


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