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Preventative Roof Maintenance

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

Preventative Roof Plumbing Maintenance

When it comes to your roof, how often are you up there checking on it? After servicing Brisbane for over 70 years, RTL Plumbing has noticed most residents don’t look at their roof unless there’s a problem. After all, the last thing we think about is roof leaks, blocked gutters and drains, until it starts to rain and the problem starts.

Here are some common causes to those awful leaks that can be tackled before everyone in your house is wet!

cactus in downpipe
Cactus Blocking Downpipe


Blocked guttering caused by leaves and debris, or not enough downpipes can cause massive problems inside your home including leaks. If you have trees around your home, this is a problem you need to be on top of before it is too late. Don’t wait until the leaves are overflowing from your gutters and everything is completely blocked. Have one of RTL Plumbing’s experts come and clean them out and sort out a solution to prevent it happening again.

RUSTED areas on your roof, gutter & DOWNPIPES

Are your roof, gutters, flashing and downpipe rusted and leaking? Don’t leave it until storm season – you need to get it fixed now before it is too late! Remember, this is something that needs to be looked at regularly. So, if you haven’t had your roof inspected in a while, it is time to ensure there are no problems. RTL Plumbing are happy to help locate the issues, and repair, replace or treat the area, ensuring it looks like new!



Storm Water Pit

Your stormwater pits and drains need to be clean and free of debris in order to allow any waste water to drain away.  If they are blocked, that’s when backed up water can cause flooding, or even more severe problems. Blocked Stormwater systems can be a huge issues in storm season with overflow of water having nowhere to go. Depending on how severe the blockage is, it may not be possible to clean the debris without a vacuum. It is important to be sure on how large the blockage is and the most effective way of clearing the blockage. Contact RTL Plumbing for a professional opinion on how best to clear your pits and drains today!

Preventative roof maintenance and regular roof inspections are the key to avoiding emergencies. RTL Plumbing provides customers with professional advice, detailed quotes and thorough Roof Reports.  Contact RTL Plumbing today to organise a maintenance check and ensure you are prepared for storm season.


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  1. A roof maintenance is indeed necessary to protect your home. Dealing with roof issues is frustrating and time-consuming. That is why it is essential to stay ahead of any problems with preventative roof maintenance.


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