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RTL Plumbing Brisbane Plumbers Fixing Sink

RTL Plumbers Going Beyond Their Job

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

RTL Plumbing has been a trusted Brisbane Plumbing Company for over 69 years and there are many reasons why!

RTL Plumbings goal is to not only complete the job they are there to do, but also identify any other potential problems whilst we are there. These may not be readily identifiable without a plumber on site to review.

Hartley’s Body Corporate project is a great example of this. We provided retro-fit water meters to a block of units at Windsor. This also involved providing the necessary paper work and plans. Installing these water meters, allows each unit to have their water usage provided. Rather than Urban Utilities estimating the units usage, they can read the exact figure.

There is great advantage to installing individual water meters in each individual unit. This allows each unit in the complex to be billed accordingly. Without this installation, the water usage for each unit is estimated by splitting the total cost by the number of units. This is often significantly off putting to tenants whom use minimal water.

The positive is, it is now mandatory for new developments to install sub-meters. This is not only mandatory in all new multi-unit developments, but also some non-residential premises. For more information please visit the Unity Water website.

Whilst onsite, our Tradesman recognised that the gas regulator supplying one of the units was leaking quite badly. As a result, RTL Plumbing notified the resident and acted immediately. We shut down the gas supply prior to the gas provider attending to rectify the problem. As a result, by finding this leak, a very dangerous situation was avoided.

This is a great example of why RTL Plumbing is a trusted and reliable Plumbing Company. Our reputation has been earned over 69 years by working hard to solve all plumbing problems in the Brisbane area. For all your plumbing needs – please contact us for a quote on 1300 000 RTL (785) or complete our online enquiry form.

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