RTL Plumbing Trenchless Pipe and drain relining in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, South East Queensland


Pipe relining is the process of repairing broken, leaking or blocked pipes and drains. Relining involves inserting a textile liner coated with epoxy resin into the broken section, which then hardens into a long-lasting inner pipe which is just a few mm thick. The process forms a strong bond to the pipe and as it is structurally sound. It can also restore pipes where sections are missing or have separated. We can complete the drain relining in under a day. So your drains can be back to their normal use in no time!


Qualified team of Maintenance Plumbers and Trenchless Drain Relining Specialists in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Our team of maintenance plumbers have had extensive hands on training on pipe relining. Leading the way for RTL’s pipe relining is our maintenance plumber, Sean. Our in house trenchless pipe and drain relining expert Sean has over 5 year’s hands on pipe relining experience and has used various different products over the years. “The product RTL Plumbing use is by far the best I’ve used. The quality and result we’re able to achieve is second to none” – Sean, RTL Plumbing’s Pipe Relining expert.


What are the BENEFITS of relining broken pipes?

  • In some cases, pipe relining can be a much cheaper option than replacing the existing pipes.
  • As we’re not digging trenches or breaking through concrete, it creates a lot less mess! Hence the name trenchless pipe relining. 
  • If the pipe in question is located under a tiled floor such as in a bathroom, it saves the homeowner from having to replace the bathroom floor and potentially the bathroom suite entirely.
  • Doesn’t affect the structural integrity of buildings or infrastructure.
  • The process can be finished in under a day.
  • The end result of pipe relining is that it is actually stronger than brand new PVC pipe. It is in fact 10x stronger!
  • Pipe Relining can eliminate tree root problems – for good!
  • Pipe Relining is Council approved.


Before and after drain relining - RTL Plumbing

Before and after pipe relining. RTL Plumbing’s relining experts relined 4 metres of a rectangular storm drain in Edward Street, Brisbane CBD. As you can see from the photo on the left, the drain was extremely old, damaged and rusty. It was relined to ensure that there is a complete seal and to prevent further damage and rust from entering the drainage. Extending the lifespan of this storm drain by 50 years.


Trenchless Pipe Relining vs pipe repair or replacement

Traditional sewerage and drain pipe repair involves digging up sections of pipe (trenches) in your landscaping and or concreted areas and replacing it. If the pipe in question is deep under a building, driveway, tennis court, or loading dock, then the process of replacing or repairing the sewerage pipe either can’t be done or involves a costly, time consuming and inconvenient process.

The process of pipe relining is not too dissimilar to ‘keyhole’ surgery. We may have to dig a small hole to get to the leak, which we will always re-fill. But will always do our best to avoid digging up large sections. Making the pipe relining process trenchless. When compared to sewerage and storm drain replacements, pipe relining is a very quick and easy process.


RTL Plumbing’s Relining Process 

Step 1 – we conduct a thorough onsite consultation and CCTV inspection of the drainage system so we can locate the damaged or broken pipes.

Step 2 – prepare the drain by removing any tree roots and clean the drain with a high pressure water cleaner to remove any debris.

Step 3 – repair and reline the pipe. We then leave the resin to cure for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours.

Step 4 – we carry out a final CCTV inspection of the newly relined pipe.

Step 5 – we prepare a relining report for you, which will include videos of both the before and after pipe relining.


Looking for more information on RTL Plumbing’s pipe relining service offering? Read our pipe relining FAQ’s.