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RTL Plumbing Billboard - Moorooka

Our New Billboard

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2018)

Some of you may have seen already (and many of you will see very soon) that RTL Plumbing has our very own set of Billboards in Brisbane! Now, those of you that have seen it, will have noticed that it is a little bit cheeky. And, hopefully you all laughed as much as we did. In all seriousness, there was a lot of thought behind this – and a lot of convincing our tradesman to be photographed. So, we have put together some information for you, in order to explain why we love the billboard (and hope that you will too).

Plumbers Crack Billboard Brisbane

Plumbers Crack BillboardWhy a Plumbers Crack?

Well, you may have heard a plumbers crack mentioned once or twice. And we have definitely seen them – being plumbers. So, as old as the pun may be, it is definitely a fitting one. But, more importantly, it highlights RTL Plumbings passion for great service. RTL Plumbing endeavours to continue to grow its 69 year reputation of quality and reliability. The only way we will do this is by continuing to provide services to you that do not compare anywhere else.

Is the guy on the Billboard really a plumber?

We are glad you asked! Yes he is. And what’s better is he is one of our plumbers! He is a qualified carpenter and is now completing his plumbing apprenticheship with us. How incredibly lucky we are to have such talented tradesman as a part of our team! What’s better is we have heaps more of them! We not only have many qualified plumbers with years of experience, but we also have some of our team with other qualifications as well! This allows us to continue to do work that others may not be able to do. And it allows us to be creative with our sollutions to your plumbing troubles – we have many tradesman that are happy to collaborate for a solution.

What Services do you offer?

Great question! We have multiple divisions as a part of RTL Plumbing, which allows us to complete many different services. For more information on our maintenance division and what services we offer, click here. We also have a construction division. For more information on what consteuction service we offer, click here.

Think you’ve seen it somewhere? Check out some of the locations below!

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