Preventative maintenance is carried out while systems are functioning to ensure that it is working at its optimum capacity. This will also ensure that the chances of an unexpected equipment breakdown are kept to a minimum. Regular maintenance is key to your equipment’s longevity.

White bathroom - Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Program

The ADVANTAGES of taking part in a preventative maintenance program:

The cost savings of taking part in a preventative plumbing maintenance program significantly outweigh the costs you incur when the equipment fails. In the short term, the expense of fixture/appliance replacement that is aged, or no longer working as it should, is considerably lower than the charges you would incur when emergency equipment repairs are required. Having the preventative work scheduled around your availability i.e. work and family commitments, is also much more convenient than waiting for a repair man when an unexpected failure arises.

The long term savings are even more beneficial as the life of your entire plumbing system can be extended by making sure that the infrastructure is properly maintained and working at its full potential. Being proactive in maintaining and therefore preventing issues before problems arise also plays a big part in safety and risk management. As an example; regularly venting a hot water cylinder relief valve can prevent the unit from bursting which may not only result in flooding of your property but also lead to potential water in and around electrical wires which can then lead to a risk of electrocution.


What you can expect from carrying out preventative maintenance on your plumbing systems:

  • Knowledge and confidence in your plumbing systems
  • Extended equipment longevity
  • Time saving, carried out to suit your busy schedule
  • Extensive cost savings
  • A safer work/home environment
  • Avoiding plumbing system failure
  • No unforeseen equipment

Who is using Preventative Maintenance Programs?

In the past, preventative maintenance has generally been carried out on industrial equipment that had a statutory requirement regarding when servicing of the equipment was required. These days the benefits are being realised by most Facilities/Service Managers looking after Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities etc. and is now starting to be implemented in the Property Management field by companies who are well and truly ahead of the curve.


Common things that are often overlooked at your property


Carrying out a CCTV inspection of your property’s mains or a visual inspection of your sanitary fixtures’ waste pipes and traps will help to determine any underlying issues such as tree root ingress, hair, soap scum build-up etc. which may cause a blockage and sewerage back-up to the property.

Blocked Drain worst case scenario – Raw sewerage entering the living quarters where you eat and sleep. This usually requires the services of a specialist cleaning contractor to decontaminate and make livable again.



Carrying out a roof report and gutter clean will help to ensure correct drainage & determine if there are any underlying leaks, cracks or damage from previous storms. This will help to ensure your roof is going to be watertight and functioning at its optimum heading into storm season.
Roofing worst case scenario – Flooding of the internal ceiling space that can cause the celling itself to collapse and allow the water to run directly into your property.


A pressure test of your gas service pipe as well as testing your appliances will lead to improved gas consumption and may even identify gas leaks that could save your life. Upon completion of work on your gas service, we will always issue you a Gas Certificate to provide assurance that works have been completed in line with relevant standards and regulations.

Gas fitting worst case scenario – Serious illness and death. Approximately 350 people present at public hospitals per year as a result of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Easily the most concerning and often overlooked plumbing issue that can easily be avoided by regular maintenance and testing.


Carrying out an inspection of your property’s visible flexible water hoses and threaded connections will ensure there are no nasty bursts that could result in flooding. We can identify your shut off valve or water meter to minimize the resultant damage to the property if a burst was to occur. Do you know what to do when a pipe busts or how to shut your water off?

Water service worst case scenario – Extensive flooding and damage to property. Having attended to an afterhours call-out for a burst flexi hose on the 14th floor of an apartment building and then being greeted by water cascading from the ceiling of the ground floor, we have seen first hand how much damage this can cause and just how far water can travel!


The most common plumbing item that will give out when you least expect it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With several serviceable components and associated valves that require regular maintenance, we can extend the life of your hot water unit substantially.
Hot Water Unit worst case scenario –A burst internal HWU will result in the same damage as a burst water service. Add to the chaos 70 degree water and the potential risk involved increases significantly. And cold showers are absolutely horrible!