Blocked Drain Issues

A Drain Camera is a special closed circuit television (CCTV) plumbing camera. They are put down your sewer or storm water line to locate the cause of a blocked drain. With this in mind, such an inspection is recommended for blockages. In the event that there is a problem with your plumbing, it will show up on the video. This then allows the plumber to make an informed decision on the best course of action. This is all completed in the hope that there will be no further problems in the future.

A drain camera is sometimes necessary because simply clearing the blocked sewer or storm water line does not reveal the cause. A high pressure water blaster or an electric eel will remove the immediate cause of a blockage. However, these plumbing tools often only treat the symptoms. By using a CCTV drain camera, our plumbing technicians can identify what caused the blockage. Then, in addition, implement measures to prevent it from occurring again.

Once performed, the drain camera may show that a section of broken pipe needs to be replaced or a sewer that has been blocked by tree roots and will need to be cleared using and Electric Eel or a High Pressure Water Blaster. Without a drain camera, the breach would have remained in the sewer line unseen. Once the drain camera has diagnosed the problem, the section of the broken pipe could then be replaced to prevent future blockages

To carry out an inspection using this specialised plumbing tool the blockage must first be cleared, and then a CCTV plumbing camera sent down the line. This will enable your plumber to view the inside of your storm water or sewer line and find the cause of your blockage.

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