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Inspecting your rental property plumbing after your tenant leaves

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

As a landlord or property manager, once a tenant leaves – either due to personal choice or eviction – it is your responsibility to make sure your property and plumbing is in top shape. As a rule, the way your property looks will determine the type of tenants you attract; so if you are after long-term, considerate tenants, you must show them that you care about the property too.

It is essential that you carry out a few basic plumbing inspections in and around the property before the new tenants move in. These actions will make a property more desirable to prospective tenants. Not to mention, if they are carried out properly, they will save you money in the future.

Sometimes it’s a leaky tap, sometimes it is something a lot more complicated than that. In either case you might want to call in the professionals…

The first thing you need to do is a room-to-room visual inspection of ceilings and walls. It is important that you check for watermarks. This is because, watermarks are a sign of future (more expensive) issues. Not to mention, they look unappealing to potential tenants.

Next you should check that there is good drainage in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. Make sure that all drains are clear of debris such as hair, lint, food waste, etc. and test if the water drains away quickly. Blocked drainage can cause major damage if unchecked and can also cause bad smells – especially if the property is left empty for a period of time.

Since the external area is the first thing potential tenants will see, it’s important everything looks clean and tidy. This ensures your property leaves a good impression on prospective tenants and also increases the safety of the property. Make sure you check guttering, downpipes and storm drains are clear of twigs, leaves and rubbish. You also need to ensure that any gas bottles are compliant with local legislation and check your property’s sewage systems.

Remember that when it comes to plumbing, what you see can be only a small part of the problem, so find a plumber you can trust.

RTL Plumbers are experienced in carrying out not just repairs but maintenance and plumbing inspections. It is our pleasure to offer a complete and professional service. We are happy to be of service to major property development groups, real estate and body corporate agents. Not only throughout Brisbane but, Ipswich, Gold and Sunshine Coasts too. We Offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on-call emergency service. This allows us to maintain and build upon our 69 year industry reputation for reliability.

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