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drain camera blockage

Blockage? Use a Drain Camera to Find the Problem

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

Find the source of your blockage quickly by using a drain camera

Blockages are quite a common and frustrating occurance. They are often challenging to identify and determine the root cause. However, you should not leave them, no matter how difficult you think it might be. Leaving a blockage for too long can cause serious reprocussions. Consequently, it is imperative to have your drains inspected with a drain camera.

For the uninitiated, a drain camera is a special CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera that is designed to be put down sewer or stormwater lines. This video feed allows us to find the cause of a blockage or identify damage to non-visible pipes.

Blocked drain camera Brisbane
An example of a drain camera in action.

Once we dispatch the drain camera into the line, the source of the blockage is easily identified. This allows the plumber to identify the best course of action. This not only helps us identify and fix an issue, but also prevents future problems.

The value of using a drain camera is immense. It is a safe, non-destructive way to find blocks in your drains and pipes without having to resort to invasive methods. These cameras have allowed us to reduce the amount of excavating done to your property. Plumbers can now fix blockages in a shorter amoutn of time for a smaller cost.

Not only will you avoid damaging your property, but you will also find peace of mind. Upon completion of inspection, we provide a video recording of the findings, along with recommendations and quotes.

Here at RTL Plumbing, we provide comprehensive drain camera services and our technicians are trained to provide the best possible service at all times.

Drain cameras are an invaluable tool for our plumbers and a cost saving service for you in the long run. If your property experiences frequent blockages, contact RTL Plumbing today!

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