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RTL Plumbing Brisbane Plumbers using a Camera Drain

Do you need a Drain Camera Service?

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

Prevent a reoccurring blocked sewer or stormwater line with a drain camera inspection.

One of the services RTL Plumbing provides is a Drain Camera inspection. A drain camera is a special closed circuit television (CCTV) camera, that can be put down your sewer or stormwater line. They are great tools to locate the cause of a blocked drain because any problems with the line show up on the video. Then, our plumbers can make an informed decison on the best course of action. This is done with the aim of permanently preventing a blockage from reoccurring in the future.

When the camera inspections are complete, we supply a copy of the video to you, so you can see what the problem is. We also provide a report for your reference and quote for any repairs, if required.

At RTL Plumbing, we ensure that our staff are trained up to give the best services possible to our Clients. Our Maintenance Manager, Nigel Bielby, trains our Maintenance Tradesman on how to use the camera and prepare reports for you.

If you have any blocked sewer or stormwater issues and want RTL Plumbing Brisbane to come out to inspect,

  • then please call us on 1300 000 RTL (785) or
  • fill in our contact us form to arrange an appointment.

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