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Stormwater and Sewer Inspections

Are you about to have your stormwater or sewer inspected? Do you know what you should expect/ask for of your plumber? Our plumbers at RTL have noticed that small and big plumbing companies alike often do not supply the footage of the sewer or stormwater camera inspections, making it difficult to know what has occurred […]

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Is your Hot Water System Ready For This Winter Season?

There is nothing worse than waking up in Brisbane on a cold winter morning to find your hot water system isn’t working!    The following signs indicate that it’s time to replace a part of your hot water system or perhaps replace the whole unit: Water is luke-warm or hot water runs out quickly. This […]

preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

What is PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE? Preventative maintenance is carried out while systems are functioning to ensure that it is working at it’s optimum capacity. This will also ensure that the chances of an unexpected equipment breakdown are kept to a minimum. Regular maintenance is key to your equipment’s longevity. The ADVANTAGES of taking part in a […]

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Top 5 Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Here in Brisbane we’ve seen our share of plumbing disasters! Here are our top 5 mistakes to avoid, which will save you time and money from it becoming a serious problem.   1. Flushing rubbish down the toilet. Quite often home owners treat their toilets like rubbish bins. Flushing items such as cotton balls, paper [...]

Dealing with a Burst Water Pipe in Brisbane

There’s nothing worse than walking downstairs to boil the kettle on a cold morning, only to step into a huge pool of water as soon as you reach the kitchen. You know immediately that you’ve got a cracked or burst pipe. What do you do when you have a burst water pipe?  Time is not [...]