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preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

What is PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE? Preventative maintenance is carried out while systems are functioning to ensure that it is working at it’s optimum capacity. This will also ensure that the chances of an unexpected equipment breakdown are kept to a minimum. Regular maintenance is key to your equipment’s longevity. The ADVANTAGES of taking part in a […]

Dealing with a Burst Water Pipe in Brisbane

There’s nothing worse than walking downstairs to boil the kettle on a cold morning, only to step into a huge pool of water as soon as you reach the kitchen. You know immediately that you’ve got a cracked or burst pipe. What do you do when you have a burst water pipe?  Time is not [...]
Aldi Lead Poisoning

The Aldi Lead Poisoning Situation. What You Need To Know

With reports of lead contamination affecting approximately 13,000 homes across Australia, homeowners have been advised to stop using a specific tap from Aldi. The “Spiral Spring Mixer Tap” from Aldi is causing huge concern because it  due to concerns that the tap has up to 15 times the lead levels allowed in Australian drinking water. […]

Commercial Plumbing

9 Qualities of a Good Emergency Plumber

When thinking of buying a period home such as a Queenslander, even if it appears to be newly renovated, you need to check the house over for signs of past water damage and for any future potential issues. Having a plumbing inspection is highly recommended by professional property developers and estate agents alike because they know that leaving these things to chance can cost a fortune in repairs.

Leaking guttering due to leaves

Pre Storm Season Plumbing Checklist

An annual check-up on your storm water and sewage drains could save you money in the future but there are a few things you can look for yourself before calling in the experts. Storm season is fast approaching and every year you tell yourself you’re ready, until buckets of rainwater take over every gutter in […]

Clean Drains - RTL Plumbing

How to Clean Drains Effectively

Clean drains are good drains and a part of any good plumbing system. If you find you’ve got a blocked drain, then you may want to try to unblock it yourself. You will probably be tempted to visit your local hardware store or supermarket to buy a ready-chemical to pour down the offending drain. Often, […]