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Benefits of a sink garbage disposal

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

Are you concerned with the environment we live in? Want to take better care of it but don’t have a lot of time or money to go waste-free? A simple change, like having a sink garbage disposal installed in your kitchen, actually makes a great impact.

Here’s a list of benefits – to the planet, to you, and your community – that come from using a sink garbage disposal to better manage your waste.

Food Waste in Landfills Generates Harmful Gas Emissions

Over 10% of all solid waste sent to landfills is food scraps. While decomposing, food waste produces methane gases that are at least 20 times more harmful to the planet than carbon dioxide gases. These trap heat in the atmosphere and worsen global warming.

To get rid of the food waste at landfills, it is common practice to incinerate organic waste, a process that also produces harmful gas emissions.

By using a sink garbage disposal, you help decrease the amount of food waste sent to landfills. Consequently, you reduce the amount of harmful gas emissions to the atmosphere.

Energy and Fertilisers Production from Food Waste

While the idea of food waste in our water supply may sound unpleasant, in reality, food ground up in your disposal and sent to your local water treatment plant is used to create energy. The methane gas produced during the water-waste process can be captured and used to generate electrical energy.

Bio-solids, the bi-product of treated food solids at treatment plants, can be developed into fertiliser. This is a more environmentally friendly product than the fertilisers produced in other manufacturing processes.

Transportation Costs for Disposing of Solid Wastes

Considering the amount of solid waste and scraps of food sent to landfills, decreasing the amount of waste would also save transportation and energy costs for cities. This is because they will need fewer refuse vehicles – thus lowering overall energy consumption and emissions from unburned fossil fuels.

Benefits to you

By grinding food items in your disposal, you produce less garbage in your home. This results in fewer plastic bags and fewer trips to your bin. Using a sink garbage disposal also decreases the chance of decomposing food which attracts pests, animals and insects. Finally, it provides more sanitary conditions in your home, compared to food that is left standing in your bin.

Are you concerned about the amount of water and electricity you consume? The use of grabage disposals will not increase your current usage significantly. How do we know this? Garbage Disposal Units use approximately 1% of a households total water consumption. And if you purchase a modern and efficient product, you will need less water and electricity to operate it. So you can save the planet and your budget all at once.

Installing a sink garbage disposal and or new sink into your kitchen is not a DIY Job. Contact RTL Plumbers for advice and service you can trust.

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