Become a Green Plumber: Part Two – The Laundry

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

Welcome to part two in our six part series about saving water and money for you and your family. This week, we take a look at the laundry plumbing. Did you know that water used by the laundry  plumbing typically accounts for 15-20% of your total water usage?


• By using a 4 star rated front loading washing machine, you can use 50% less water, 35% less detergent and 30% less energy.
• Waiting until you have a full load before doing the laundry can also save you water – up to 10 litres per wash.
• Pre-treat stains before putting items in the washing machine, to reduce the need for rewashing.
• Don’t leave the tap running when hand washing items. Make sure to use only as much water as required in a sink or bucket.
• Check if your washing machine has a ‘sud-saver’ option and use if you need to wash several loads.
• Insulate your hot water pipes to save water and energy.
• Fix leaking taps as soon as possible. Most taps can usually be fixed with a tap service or replacement mixer cartridge.

Remember, each laundry is different so there are many options depending on your appliances and taps. For a personalised plan and some water saving options, RTL Plumbing can amend your laundry plumbing to improve water usage.

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Source: Queensland Urban Utilities and Save Water


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